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Vater Jay Weinberg 908

Vater Jay Weinberg 908

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“The 908 is the result of total collaboration and discovery with Vater. We’ve created a drumstick that’s truly unique and that has its own character, but feels familiar and versatile, to suit any drummer’s style.” – Jay Weinberg

It's important to have a stick in your hands that combines several key elements: response, tone, and feel without sacrificing durability and comfort. Jay Weinberg took all his favorite features of several Vater models that he has used over the years and applied them to his 908 design.

The Vater Jay Weinberg 908 is in between a 5A and 5B for a comfortable grip. It adds 1/4" length for some added reach. The 908 has a quick taper for a slight forward throw but with a fast response. The medium-sized barrel tip delivers a defined ride cymbal tone without lacking volume to cut through while putting out full drum tones.

All these elements make the 908 a great stick for playing at both medium to high tempos with fast fills and for also more straight-ahead rock, groove playing.

Sharpen your rhythm with the 908.

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