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Snareweight Speedy Drum Key

Snareweight Speedy Drum Key

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UPC: 757284986444
Brand: Snareweight

Patented Speedy Drum Key

After a year of testing and designing, Snareweight cut no corners when crafting our fresh new version of a drummers' "go to" drum key. Its patented design will allow for faster head change, accurate tuning feel, solid connection to tension rods and true noiseless upside down storage on all drums. Made with love of the hand in mind. We really think the option of being able to change heads fast with one simple key is really great for drummers that are trying to find their sound and want to try a few heads to hear the differences quicker. The pros tend to use two keys on opposite sides for an even faster and more accurate tuning! Find it, tweak it, and never lose it always- rrrrrrocking good and good rocking to all - from Snareweight.

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