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Zildjian FX China Trash - 18"

Zildjian FX China Trash - 18"

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Bright, "trashy" China effect for short, explosive accents. Blend into other splash setups or stretch your FX sounds by cymbal stacking.


FX China Trashes deliver bright, "trashy" China effects that can stand alone as an FX voice on your kit, and also blends easily with other cymbals. China Trashes are a popular FX choice as they make excellent cymbal stackers for stretching your sound with even more FX possibilities. They emit an explosive response, providing a sharp attack and quick decay.
  • Bright, trashy China effect
  • Sharp attack and quick decay
  • Delivers an explosive response
  • Blends well with other cymbal sounds
  • Versatile cymbal stacker for stretching your sound with more FX possibilities


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