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Vater Hickory Fatback - 3A

Vater Hickory Fatback - 3A

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Fatback 3A Wood 

  • Length
    16" | 40.64cm
  • Grip
    0.590" | 1.50cm

 Sturdy shoulder and neck with a rounded barrel tip for volume.

Also available in Nude Series, Extended Play Series as well as a Power 3A version.

"Vater it's truly the drummer's choice." - Chris Johnson [Lady Gaga / Jennifer Lopez]

"I've been playing the Fatback 3A Nylon tip for as long as I can remember. The weight is perfect for my style of drumming, the thick neck makes them extra durable, the round tip gets the perfect sound out of my cymbals, and I've never had one nylon tip fly off while playing, which I can't say about other brands of sticks that I tried back in the day." - Richard Christy [Charred Walls of the Damned]

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